Rental - Polar Skins Fleece Neck Gaiter

Made in the USA, RENT our Polarskins Fleece Neck Gaiter to keep you warm and comfortable during your Winter in Yellowstone pursuits.  Enjoy the peace of mind of getting it delivered to your home before you depart knowing you are ready to go! USA customers may be confident placing orders up until two weeks prior to your departure date, international customers should allow three weeks.

  • The rental period covers a period of 60 days beginning on the date we ship it to you
  • IMPORTANT - We thank you for understanding that once shipped, the rental period has officially begun and the items are considered rented
  • We'll ship the item to you 14 - 21 days prior to your departure date
  • Please indicate your departure date in departure date form field you find during the check out process so we can stage your shipment on a timely basis
  • Return the item to us within the 60 rental period and your deposit will be returned to you
  • Should the item not be returned within the 60 day rental period, we respectfully must retain the security deposit

It has these Special Features:

  • Made of incredibly cozy double-sided non-pill fleece with a warmth to weight ratio that is better than wool
  • Superior insulation & wicking properties because it resists moisture - it absorbs less than 1% of its weight in water
  • Measures a full 10" long
  • Trimmed with a coordinating stretch trim
  • Color: Black

PRICE:  $4.99 

Available Options:

Security Deposit: